ARTA was founded on a vision to create a space for creative souls to play, work and explore


The name ARTA is a symbol of artistic freedom, creativity, a fresh start and a passion for creation. Our ambition is to establish a space that inspires to convey ideas and promotes a sense of presence through art and craft.

A place where we can all create and grow, both together and individually.

The House

In the heart of Copenhagen, ARTA stands as a unique creative membership house and ceramics workshop.

Here you are welcomed into a universe of creative immersion. We have dedicated over 1000 m2 to ceramics and creative expression. Here there is room for you to immerse yourself in your creative project and explore the ceramics.

Members have access to our state-of-the-art ceramics studio, 6 days a week during our opening hours. The workshop is equipped with 20 electric lathes, advanced ceramic tools, and premium materials, open six days a week.

ARTA a meeting point for ceramics enthusiasts and creative souls.

Our members

Our members range from the curious novice to the professional artist - all are welcome. The common denominator for our members is that they seek creative freedom in everyday life.

We attach great importance to inclusion, as a diverse group of artistic souls form fertile ground for sparring and inspiration. Children are also welcome as long as they are accompanied by adults.

Community Guidelines

Creativity, and ceramics in particular, is very much about embracing the mess — but we naturally depend on our members to clean up after themselves and help keep the working environment neat.

That is why we have made a list of house rules - they are printed and hang in the workshop, but you can also read them here .

Thank you for helping to protect the house.


Reuse of clay is fundamental to our ceramic practice in the workshop, to avoid unnecessary waste and minimize our waste. The beauty of working with clay is that it can be reused over and over before it has been fired. Each time with the potential to be transformed into something beautiful once again.

To make this possible, we have assembled a team of dedicated employees who help recycle the leftover clay. We use a clay mixer to revive the clay waste, which we sort, remoisten and mix together into revived, new clay ready for use.

As part of our sustainability efforts, we therefore ask for a symbolic amount - DKK 15 per kilo - for the clay you use. In this way, each one contributes to our common mission to recycle and preserve our resources.