Trading conditions

Trade terms:

A membership is personal and cannot be used by a third party. Changes in personal data such as name, address, e-mail, telephone number, bank, account number, etc. must be notified to ARTA Copenhagen immediately. It is the member's responsibility that ARTA Copenhagen has the member's correct contact information at all times.

The memberships are continuous, continuing until they are terminated in accordance with point "Termination of membership". It is not possible to have memberships suspended in the middle of a payment period. Memberships can only be suspended after the end of the binding period.
Clip card/gift card is valid for 6 months from issue. Cutting cards are personal and cannot be transferred to a third party. Clip cards cannot be extended.

When creating a membership with "Automatic Withdrawal", the agreement is registered via dankort or visa dankort. It is the member's own responsibility to ensure that the agreement is correctly registered. Various courses, coupon cards or gift cards are paid online or at our reception with Dankort/Visa Dankort/Mastercard or Mobilepay.

Conditions for automatic drawing:
Members of ARTA Copenhagen can register themselves for automatic drawing of subscriptions by logging in at

When registering for automatic withdrawal, the member accepts that ARTA Copenhagen may automatically withdraw the specified subscription price on the specified payment card.

When a member registers/changes their subscription for automatic drawing, a receipt and login code are sent upon confirmation.

It is the member's own responsibility to ensure that correct credit card information is provided. The subscription will not be renewed if the member changes cards/the card has been closed. An email will be sent to the member stating that the subscription will not be renewed and account card information must be updated.

    Binding period - subscription:
    The binding period when you register is three months. The notice period is a current month + one month.

    Too late payment:
    If the ongoing benefit is not paid at the agreed time, a reminder letter is sent to the member and a reminder fee is also charged. If the member does not pay no later than 10 days after the specified due date, ARTA Copenhagen has the right to cancel the membership without notice, and ARTA Copenhagen reserves the right to collect the amount for the remaining part of the relevant payment period.

    Price changes and opening hours:
    Price changes are notified via email to the member no later than 30 days before the price changes take effect. If the member then does not wish to maintain his membership, as a result of the price changes, the member is entitled to terminate his membership according to the procedure in point 8.

    ARTA Copenhagen reserves the right to adjust the opening hours in the months of July and December. The changes will not give rise to compensation for the members.

    Termination of membership:
    Memberships associated with "Automatic Draw" can be terminated at any time. Termination takes place on the member's own profile page.

    Memberships that are not associated with "automatic drawing" must be terminated before the end of the applicable period by letter or by e-mail to The termination is effective from the date of receipt. If doubts arise as to whether a membership has been terminated, the member must be able to prove that a termination has indisputably taken place with a date and receipt from ARTA Copenhagen.

    Under 18/minor:
    If a person is under 18 or a minor, membership can only be obtained if a guardian signs a membership for the person at the guardian's expense.

    State of health and personal injury:
    All activity and use of our workshops is at your own risk. This applies regardless of whether use of the workshop and the activity takes place in ARTA Copenhagen's premises or in connection with an event outside the centre. A member is responsible for being in a state of health that allows participation in activities at ARTA Copenhagen. ARTA Copenhagen also does not take responsibility for personal injuries to a member as a result of accidents or the actions or defective actions of other visitors. Furthermore, Danish tort law is followed in this area.

    Although this practice is suitable for all ages and most health conditions, it is important that you tell us about your health condition so that we can take you into account in the lessons. Finally, ask if you are in doubt. Listen to yourself and your body and trust your own intuition. Accept your level.

    Storage of valuables is at your own risk. ARTA Copenhagen bears no responsibility for losses due to theft or property damage.

    House and order rules: Community Guidelines

    Respect for the Facilities:

    • Always handle the facilities with care and respect. Report any damage or malfunction to staff immediately.
    • Clean up after yourself and maintain a clean and organized workspace for the next person to use.
    • Follow established safety protocols and guidelines to ensure your own and others' well-being.
    • Members may only engage in the workshops intended for members, not in ARTA's private areas in the basement, staff room and offices reserved for staff.

    Respect for the Members:
      • Create an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere where all members and visitors feel valued and respected, regardless of their skill level or background.
      • Pay attention to noise levels and avoid distracting behavior to ensure an atmosphere conducive to creativity and concentration.
      • Avoid using other people's materials or tools without permission, and always ask before borrowing or using other people's property.
      • The mobile phones are on silent or on airplane mode, and if you need to talk on the phone, you must go outside our workshops.
      • Do not use deodorant with fragrance or perfume before entering the hall.

      Cooperation and Community:
      • We encourage cooperation, constructive feedback and exchange of ideas between members.
      • Support and encourage each other by sharing knowledge, tips and resources to enhance everyone's creative journey.
      • Communicate respectfully and openly, and resolve conflicts or disagreements through dialogue and understanding.

        Responsible and Considerate Use of Resources:

        • Be aware of common resources and facilities and avoid monopolizing them or using them excessively.
        • Respect times for use of equipment or workshops and allow other members to access and use them in a timely manner.

        Compliance with ARTA's Policies:

        • Comply with all policies, rules and regulations set forth by management.
        • Follow any specific guidelines regarding the use of special equipment, hazardous materials or house specific rules.

        Cancellation of courses

        If there are less than 3 people registered for a course, ARTA Copenhagen has the right to cancel a class 2 hours before the start of the class. The cancellation takes place via e-mail or SMS.

        Courses/Processes/Workshops/Lectures purchased at ARTA Copenhagen can be refunded within 24 hours of purchase, after which the reservation and payment are binding. After the 24 hour deadline, we do not offer refunds for classes. Canceled classes are not refunded, but you will receive a voucher for a new class.

        Your purchase is binding, and it is not possible to change courses once you have bought a place on one of our courses. If your class is cancelled, you have the option of getting a gift card for the purchase of a new course or the money back.

        Courses can be refunded within 24 hours after you have purchased the course, after this time your purchase is binding.

        If the course is cancelled, you will receive a credit for booking a new course. We do not refund courses.

        ARTA Copenhagen reserves the right to take photos for use on ARTA Copenhagen's own website, Facebook, Instagram.

        Gift card
        At ARTA Copenhagen it is possible to buy a gift card, which can be used in our online as well as physical store. When your order is fulfilled, you will receive an email with the gift card that you can print. You can also choose to stop by the store and get a physical gift card. The gift card is valid for five years after the date of purchase. It is possible to use some of the money and save the rest for later. In this case, you will receive an email with the remaining value. Gift cards, including gift cards in the ceramics class, cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash.

        Newsletters and information:
        You can sign up for our mailing list on the button on the website. When you register, you will receive newsletters and other information from us. This service can be turned off at any time if you no longer wish to receive the newsletter. When a member chooses to agree to receive ARTA Copenhagen's electronic newsletter, they simultaneously agree that ARTA Copenhagen may save and use information about the use of the membership to send relevant service emails. However, for internal use only.