Kunsten at udfordre sig selv  - Videregående teknikker til erfarne keramikere hos ARTA

The art of challenging oneself - Advanced techniques for experienced ceramicists at ARTA

By Arta Copenhagen

At ARTA, we understand that the experienced potter is always striving to refine their craft and take their pottery to the next level. We are dedicated to supporting your artistic journey and giving you access to advanced techniques and refined methods. Here are some tips and techniques that will help you challenge yourself and continue your development as an experienced potter:

  • Experiment with Materials and Clay: Be inspired by different materials and types of clay. Explore alternative clays that can give your works a unique texture or color. Try different types of glazes and experiment with their combinations to create exciting surfaces.

  • Advanced Turning Techniques: Master turning skills by exploring more complex and challenging techniques. Try creating asymmetrical shapes, using different turning techniques and experimenting with sculptural elements to add depth and interest to your works.

  • Expand Your Toolbox: Explore different tools and equipment that can help you achieve more complex and detailed expressions in your ceramic works. From carving tools to templates and texture tools - there are many opportunities to expand your toolbox and experiment with new techniques.

  • Mix Techniques and Styles: Don't choose just one technique or style. Be inspired by different pottery traditions and styles, and experiment with combining them in unique ways. Create your own signature methods by mixing techniques and creating works with a personal and recognizable style.

  • Sharing Knowledge and Mentoring: As an experienced ceramicist, you also have a lot to give to the ceramic community. Share your knowledge and experience with other potters. Mentor younger artists, participate in workshops and discussions, and create a mutual exchange of ideas and feedback. Through this interaction, you will both inspire others and continue to learn and grow as a potter.

  • Exploring Conceptual Ceramics: Go beyond the craft aspect of ceramics and explore conceptual ideas and messages in your works. Be inspired by the world of art and incorporate narrative or symbolic elements into your ceramic creations. Let your works tell stories and create conversations.

  • Create Large Scale Works: Challenge yourself by working on a larger scale. Create monumental ceramic works that capture attention and create a visual wow effect. Work with larger forms, experiment with installations and create works that physically affect the space around them. ARTA is proud to be your partner on your journey as an experienced ceramicist. We look forward to welcoming you into our workshops and helping you explore the deeper layers of the ceramic art. Together, let's continue to challenge the boundaries and create ceramic masterpieces that testify to your experience and passion.