Begynd din rejse med keramik hos ARTA – En begynder guide

Start your journey with ceramics at ARTA – A beginner's guide

By Arta Copenhagen

Would you like to begin your creative journey in ceramics but are unsure where to start? At ARTA we want to help you explore the world of ceramics and begin your exciting journey into this art form. Here's our beginner's guide to getting started with ceramics:

Step 1: Find inspiration at ARTA

Step into our inspiring ceramics workshop, where art and creativity flourish. Explore our various ceramic works, see our artistic processes and be inspired by the beauty and diversity that ceramics can offer.

Step 2: Sign up for our beginner courses

We offer bespoke beginner ceramics courses designed to teach you the basic techniques. Our experienced instructors will guide you through shaping, turning, glazing and decorating ceramic pieces. Our courses are fun, interactive and create an inclusive atmosphere where you can learn and express your creativity.

Step 3: Access our state-of-the-art facilities

ARTA's workshop is equipped with the latest equipment and materials needed to create ceramic works. You will have access to turning wheels, kilns and all the necessary tools to shape and create your pottery.

Step 4: Explore different techniques and materials

We encourage you to experiment with different ceramic techniques and materials. Try hand shaping, turning on a disc or combine different methods to create unique effects and structures in your works. Also explore different types of clay and glazes to achieve different textures and colors.

Step 5: Get feedback and share your creations

We believe in creating a community of ceramic enthusiasts. That's why we offer opportunities to get feedback on your creations and share your works with others. Our exhibitions, art events and online platforms allow you to display your ceramic masterpieces and build connections with other art lovers.

Step 6: Continue to challenge yourself

The art of ceramics is a journey full of constant learning and challenges. Don't be limited by your previous skills, but continue to explore new techniques, experiment with different styles and challenge your own limits. We are here to support you and help you develop your skills as a potter.

Enter our creative universe at ARTA and let us guide you through the wonderful world of ceramics. We look forward to being part of your exciting journey as a beginner in ceramics and helping you create unique and inspiring ceramic works.